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Northwest Music Restorations

NW Music opened our doors five years ago as an import/export musical instrument distributor. We understand the importance of school music programs to the future of the industry and music in general. Northwest Music Restorations works with local music retailers restoring older and well used rental returns in large quantities overseas.

About Northwest Music Restorations


Restoration offers instrument retailers another option for bringing rental returns and used instruments back to life; adding decades of revenue for retailers and opportunities for more kids to learn music. School and customer repairs are critical to the Music Retail business, sometimes leaving rental returns piling up. Licensed, certified technicians are hard to find. Northwest Music can help.


We understand instruments and what makes them acceptable to retailers, directors, students, and other customers. We work with with businesses in China, import/export brokers, and Customs officials in China and the US. Our job is to streamline this service and save our clients money.


We send a container to your dock to load with instruments, then to our factories in Beijing. We also recommend proper re-usable cartons and pallets necessary for the journey, available from U-line and acceptable by Customs in China and the US. When complete, the container is sent back to your dock, ready for your rental pool. We offer three options for restorations.

  1. Functional; they work and look great.
  2. Upgraded in function and appearance, total woodwind re-pads, spot finish upgrades.
  3. Like new with re-finish and re-plating when needed.

Trust & Motivation

You must trust us with your older instruments. Our motivation is your desire to allow more restorations in the future. We want you to be impressed with the quality of work and the price. The price will be far less than any other option.

We offer free shipping for the lower 48 states. 

  • A freight charge of $250 applies to oversized instruments (cellos).  
  • Call for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.  253-649-4734